AOKI Digital Wireless Weather Station UK Ireland Radio Controlled Outdoor Sensor Clock Auto Set Up Moonphase Barometer Forecast Thermometer Hygrometer Day Date Month Alarm LCD Display

<p>The Complete Digital Weather Station with the full range of features in compact and simple design with large, clear digital display with all the functions and features you would expect from large and cumbersome weather stations.</p> <p>This quite simply one of the best Digital Weather Stations on sale with on all the key readings in a a very simple, clear and compact solution.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Key Functions:</strong><br />Weather Forecast for the following 8 hours<br />7 Time Zone Optional<br />Date and Weekend Display; Moon Phase<br />Calendar; Daily Alarms; Snooze Function<br />Indoor/Outdoor Temperature, Humidity and Barometer<br />Trend of Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure; Temperature Alert<br />Max/Min Record for Air Humidity and Temperature<br /><br /><strong>Power Supply</strong><br />Weather station: 2 x AA batteries (Not Included)<br />Wireless outdoor sensor: 2 x AA batteries (Not Included)<br /> <br /><strong>Weather Forecast Function</strong><br />This weather forecast displays the 6 dynamic weather symbols.&nbsp;The weather symbols indicates the weather fluctuation over the next eight hours, not the current weather.<br /> <br /><strong>Temperature, Humidity and Barometer Function</strong><br />The weather station automatically starts receiving transmission from outdoor sensor (maybe take 3 minutes) after batteries inserted.<br />Temperature alternative in ℉ or ℃.<br />Indoor temperature measurement ranges: 14℉ ~ 122℉.<br />Outdoor temperature measurement ranges: -13℉ ~ 122℉.<br />Indoor &amp; Outdoor humidity measurement ranges: 20%RH ~ 95%RH.<br />Graphic display to show the air pressure, display either in mb/hPa or inHg.<br />The ice alert symbol appears and flashing when the outdoor temperature at 30℉ ~ 37℉. For Maximum &amp; Minimum values use "MEM" button to show.&nbsp;<br />Wireless Outdoor Sensor. 433.92 MHz RF transmitting frequency.<br />Up to 200 feet transmission range in an open area.Wall Mount or Table Stand.</p>

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